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Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

How is it Monday night already?

Saturday, I went out to an elementary school a few blocks away and did 5 laps (equals 2 miles).  I actually jogged 1.5 laps which is great since I haven't really run in a couple of years.  Eating was good.

Sunday, I had big plans to do laundry, workout and enjoy the day...that is until the washer started making a very loud noise (it had been making random noises but did the job so I let it be).  I went down, opened the lid and smoke came out.  So, needless to say, we have a new washer coming....$400 I didn't want to spend right now.  I spent the afternoon doing laundry at my sister's house as our new washer isn't coming until Saturday.  My hubby and I did get a short evening walk in.

Tonight, my hubby and I went out for an hour long walk which burned 461 calories.  An interesting observation I made when looking at my Polar F6 HRM watch was that by keeping my heart rate in the 130s-150s, I burn a higher percentage of fat than if my heart right is much higher like the 170s-180s.  Yes, calories are calories, but I'd love to look more into this fat percentage deal...

Hope your Monday treated you well!

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