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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bootcamp Week 2 Day 4 and an Update

First off.....I HAVE AN INTERVIEW!!!!!! I've complained/bitched/moaned about applying for elementary principal jobs and not hearing a thing. Well, no more! Next Friday at 9 AM, I will interview for a K-6 Principal position in a small, rural school. There are only 90 students Preschool-6th grades so it would be a great size for a first job. I'm super nervous but super excited to finally have a chance to interview. It'll be about 45 minutes to get there, but I'm going to have to commute in order to get a first job as an administrator.

All of this has been wreaking havoc on my sleep. I'm guessing I maybe slept 2-3 hours last night because I'm thinking about what I'll say, what I'm going to ask, what to wear, how to sit....everything!!! It's a good thing it's week away so I can convince myself to chill out before then.

Bootcamp is still going well. I'm still being a good girl and watching what I eat. I admit, I had a cookie yesterday and I didn't die. I did great today and plan to do so again tomorrow. I know that I get Mexican on Saturday and I can have what I want, so I'll live :)

I'm concerned about my weight, which I need to quit, but I've been weighing myself every day this week. I've gained one pound since last week and have recorded everything I've eaten and have stuck to my portions. They tell us not to weigh ourselves, but it's a bit of an addiction. I need to assure myself it's going to be okay. I guess I just thought that since I had started working out 6 days a week and eating healthy that I would see a bigger loss in the first two weeks.

But for now, I'm tired. So it's time for bed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bootcamp Week 2 Day 2

Today, I had a better attitude. I changed up snacks a little (celery and natural PB...I know....SUPER EXCITING!). I avoided temptation of snacks. But I will admit that tonight for supper. I needed some carbs because I hadn't had many today (which is NOT normal for me...I'm a carb-addict!). So, I made cottage fries from the freezer and baked them and ate them with my grilled sirloin and green beans. They didn't take up most of my plate like normal. Green beans took up half, sirloin a fourth and the fries a fourth. And I didn't have seconds.

Class tonight was challenging as always. Whoever said resistance bands are easier than lifting weights must not have done a resistance bands class for an extended period of time. OUCH!!! Shoulder presses, chest presses, squats (yuck), lunges (bigger yuck), and intermittent crunches, planks, etc.

Tomorrow is kickboxing at a whopping 5:30 AM!!! Ugghhh.... I hope I don't drag through the day as much as I did last week. That was torture! Tomorrow is my last official night of night class. I already have plans the next two Wednesday nights, so I have two more weeks of 5:30 AM kickboxing plus next Friday morning! It wouldn't be so bad if my hair didn't take so long to do! Last week was pretty much a wet ponytail...we'll see if I can be more efficient tomorrow morning!

The things you do to help you achieve your goals....I tell ya!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bootcamp Week 2 Day 1

Kickboxing kicked my butt. Holy cow. I really, really pushed myself. My shirt was drenched in sweat. I went to put my shoes on and got a little lightheaded. When I got home, I asked my husband about it. He said it's because I didn't have any carbs before my workout. This is true. I was in a hurry so I just quick grabbed some beef jerky. That's protein, which is great, but that's probably why I was so worn.

I'm struggling with meals already. I'm trying to keep things as natural as possible but I feel like I'm being too repetitive. Tonight, I was going to make chicken stir fry but I was too worn out. My husband offered to go get drive thru....right, dear (he can do that and not gain weight)...and I told him that I couldn't. After all, I had made it through lunch at Chili's without the temptation of chips and salsa and queso that my co-workers had. I decided to go out with them because I did want to socialize and knew I could make a healthy choice. So, I had a cobb salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side. So, for supper, hubby went and got Burger King (I admit, I did have three fries) and I had scrambled egg whites with turkey bacon, green pepper and mushrooms.

Totally not satisfied.

But I'm also not satisfied with how I look.

It's a battle that will continue to face every day for the rest of my life. What does satisfaction mean to you with food? With looks?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bootcamp Day #6 and a chicken

Saturday morning was my last day of week 1 for bootcamp. In the 45 minutes, they did both kickboxing and resistance bands. Our warm up was jogging around the gym. Then, they had us partner up and one partner was running with a resistance band around their middle while the person behind was pulling on the resistance band and dragging their first. Envision: Jillian Michaels on Biggest Loser. This was tough! The class continued to be as equally tough and my shirt was thoroughly soaked when we were through.

I decided to stay for yoga. I've never done yoga before so I was anxious to check it out. It was very relaxing. She did a lot of stretches and during the last 10 minutes, we did relaxation and I literally almost fell asleep! It was great. I definitely am going to try to stay for yoga each Saturday if I can.

Today was my day of rest. Since I used yesterday as my "free day" for eating (Easter dinner at the in-laws yesterday), I was back on track. Hubby and I were running errands at Walmart and I decided to get a rotisserie chicken from their deli department. It smelled delish and I knew that if I took the skin off, it would be super good for me. So tonight for dinner, I had chicken (no skin!) and a side salad. It was so good! My husband loved it as well. Since you get a whole chicken, I literally dissected it to get all of the meat off. I pulled all of the skin and fat off and I have an entire container full of it! It'll be great to grab from for snacks or to take a container of it for lunch.

I have many challenges to overcome, but right now, I know I can do it. Tomorrow is a teacher inservice day and the usual "routine" is to go out for lunch. I'm going to pass. I'm bringing my lunch and will eat it at school. It stinks that I'll miss the social part, but right now, my program is more important for me to stick to. Hope my co-workers understand.

Another challenge this week will be that it's Administrative Professionals Week. In honor of our secretaries and associates, each grade level brings treats throughout the week for them. This is hard. So far, I've made it through two treat days from birthdays last week, so I've got four more this week. I can do it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bootcamp Day #5

Sorry I forgot to update bootcamp from yesterday...was too excited about the green smoothie!

I approaching the end of week 1 of bootcamp. I'm tired. I'm sore. But as of this morning, I'm almost 5 pounds down from last Saturday.

Tonight, in kickboxing, it kicked....well, it kicked my butt! Jab, cross, hook, uppers, overpunch, front kicks, crunches, jumping jacks, push ups, lunges. You name it, we did it.

I'm starting to worry that I'm not getting enough calories. I logged my food from yesterday and it totaled around 1400 calories. For a person my size, that's about 800-1000 less than what I should be eating. But, I'm not hungry. When you eat lots of greens that are worth so little calories, you're full and it's hard to eat more.

Tomorrow is combined resistance bands and kickboxing and then a for the first time, I'm taking the yoga class after.

Happy Easter all!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green Smoothie!!!

Okay, this isn't the best pic, but here she is after blended into her green goodness!!!

8 oz. water
1 banana
Handful chopped up pineapple
Big 'ole handful of spinach

And LIQUIFY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bootcamp Day #3

Whoever thought up the grand plan to work out at 5:30 AM should be shot. Okay, they shouldn't but those are my thoughts right now! Oww.. My body hurts. Last night, we did resistance bands and did whole body, but really focused on arms and abs. Just as my body was absorbing that, I go to kickboxing this morning at 5:30 because of my grad class tonight. It was a good workout. I found that I was more tired faster. I think it's because my body was running on a banana and cashews. But I didn't want to eat a lot before working out. I had my normal breakfast after getting home.

The soreness is beginning. My biceps, shoulders, back, and abs are so sore right now!!!! I know it's a good hurt but I'm going to whine if I want to!!!!

I forgot to bring a snack to school so I ate a small part of my lunch for my snack. Oops. My bad.

Now, to attempt to teach my fourth graders all day long!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bootcamp Day #2

I'm tired.

Woke up today to 40 degrees and rain. We took the fourth graders on a field trip today to the University of Iowa campus to see three various museums. It was cold and dreary and exhausting. But, I went to workout tonight using resistance bands. We did all sorts of exercises...shoulder presses, chest presses, squats, lunges (hate those), and ab work. Tomorrow isn't going to be pretty. And the best part? I get to go at 5:30 AM because I have grad class tomorrow night. So on top of being exhausted and sore, I'm going to add to it.

Gotta love trying to get healthy!

I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself, but I did this morning. Down almost four pounds from Saturday. Not trying to get too excited but it feels good to see the scale do that.

I can do this.

I'm just tired!!!!

But as my dad said, I can sleep when I'm dead! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bootcamp Day #1

I'm alive!!!

Kickboxing went well tonight. In fact, parts of it were a little slow paced because they were showing proper technique. Since I've taken kickboxing before, I know the punches, but I was a patient little girl and did my boxer shuffle while he showed the jabs! I still worked up a great sweat. Unfortunately, I can't really wear my HRM since we're moving around so much and the gloves/wraps get in the way of the watch, so I'm not sure how many calories I burn.

Here are my meals for today:
Breakfast-1 egg, 2 whites, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, small glass skim milk
Snack-Green smoothie (I promise pics will be coming...husband has the camera!)
Lunch-Chicken taco salad (Bed of lettuce greens with shredded chicken with taco seasoning on top, tomatoes, salsa)
Snack-Banana, cashews
Dinner-Steak salad (lean sirloin cut up on top of lettuce, tomato, green pepper, small spoonful shredded cheese, and 2 Tbsp. Ranch)
Snack-TBD....we'll see if I can do any more food tonight.

Today, I managed to avoid brownies, bars, cookies, M&Ms, and chips. It wasn't as hard as I thought.

I already get a challenge for tomorrow....field trip. Not exactly conducive to bringing a salad, so I'm thinking a natural PB sandwich, baby carrots, and some fruit. Snacks will also be hard as we'll be on tours when I'm supposed to eat, so I'm thinking cashews would be easy and maybe another banana. Trying not to get too much fruit in though because they want us to stick to 1-2 servings.

So, there ya have it! Day 1 in the books. I don't think it'll be too bad getting out of bed tomorrow, but Wednesday will be torture!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

MAX 10 Orientation and Nutrition

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday!

As promised, I'm here to report on this weekend's orientation and nutrition seminar for my new bootcamp. Let's start first with orientation...

Orientation Results:
1-minute step ups: 47
1-minute push ups (girlie ones): 25
1-minute sit ups (not crunches): 15
Flexibility: 9 3/4 (not sure what that measurement is, but that's what they told me)
Vertical Leap: 15 (again, not clue what that means)

Weight: 249.4 (with shoes, pants, shirt, shorts, and sports bra on)
Body Fat: 41.2 % (yikes....didn't like that number at all)

They also took measurements but I won't bore you with those for now. I'll update the progress in five weeks.

We didn't do the mile run because in Iowa, weather changes in a finger snap, and it was sleeting/snowing heavily and the director decided not to do it. I'm guessing we will still do it at 5 weeks and 10 weeks though.

Nutrition Seminar:
Today they talked about the things we should and shouldn't be eating. They want us to eat as much natural, unprocessed food as possible. We're aiming for 5-6 portions of protein, 2-3 portions of whole grains, 3+ portions of veggies, 1-2 portions of fresh fruit, 1-2 portions of dairy, and 1-2 portions of healthy fats/oils. They also want us drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. Not a problem for me.

Then, they did a demonstration on how to make a green smoothie. I've heard about this from online message boards, but have never had the "balls" to try it. Today, they made it with water, fresh pineapple, banana, mango and spinach. Blend until the spinach has been chopped up and enjoy. The sight of it looked like Shrek's vomit. I was nervous to try it. I smelled it. It smelled like pineapple and bananas. Okay, I can handle that. I took my first sip. HOLY CRAP THIS STUFF IS GOOD! I proceeded to drink 2 1/2 more cups. It tasted very refreshing, light, but at the same time, filled you up. And the best part? It's SO good for you! Think about the vitamins you're getting, the natural sugars, the protein, the fiber, oh man, it's yummy. So I made my husband dig our blender we got for our wedding (4 years ago-never been used) and tonight, I will attempt this green smoothie myself! I will post pics and you'll see what I mean. If you haven't tried it, do. A great snack if you make a smaller one but this gal makes a quart sized one and that's her breakfast (drinking it throughout the morning). The possibilities are endless. You can add any fruit, change up the greens (romaine, kale, collard greens) and also add supplemental things like hemp seed (good Omega-3s), chia seed, etc.

So, tonight, I'm going to be a chopping fiend. I have bananas, strawberries, pineapple, celery, broccoli, and all sorts of stuff to cut up and then of course, attempt the green smoothie. My husband asked if it would be something he'd like. I said he'll get to try it tonight!!!!

Stay tuned for pics (assuming my blender works!)!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Who I Am and Who I Want to Be (Warning: Long!)

As I embark on this new challenge (AKA Bootcamp), I feel for me, it's time to look at where I've been, where I'm at, and where I want to be. This might be a long one, so hang in there while reading!

Growing up, I was always a heavier child. When I entered school in kindergarten, I noticed that I was a little bigger than the other girls in my class. It didn't bother me as I just played as was happy. Then in 4th grade, I noticed that I started developing in the chesticle area and that I was starting to get fat rolls. I became very self conscious about myself but hid it well. When I would get home, I'd have cookies and Mountain Dew. I played sports and enjoyed it. I never felt like I couldn't do anything because of my weight.

As I entered into middle school (why does anyone have to go through this stage of life, I'll never know), there was a definite difference in my appearance compared to the other girls. I clearly had a larger stomach, arms and legs. I wore boys clothes (shorts/jeans and t-shirts) because girl clothes didn't fit right and didn't look good. I started hearing the jokes that I had more rolls than the bakery, etc. I laughed them off but deep down, they hurt me. But I didn't do anything about it. I did participate in volleyball, basketball, and softball. I remember them having a tough time finding a softball jersey that fit me. I also remember that we could earn gold slips in school. If we earned 10 gold slips, we could get a candy bar at the end of the day. Being that I was the ideal student, I had gold slips galore. I savored in every Reese's PB Cup, Snickers, Whatchamacalit, M&Ms, etc. that I got.

As I entered into high school, I was over 200 pounds. I played volleyball my freshman year. I clearly remember the coach yelling and me to speed it up during our warm-up runs. I remember practically dying during sprints and killers. But I did it. I remember losing weight but not really making a big deal about it. Deep down, I knew as soon as volleyball season was done, I'd probably gain the weight back anyway. It bothered me, but not enough to do anything about it. I quit volleyball after the season and coach was not happy. We didn't see eye to eye but she wanted me as a setter and I didn't want that position, so I just quit.

I had friends in high school but I was always the third wheel. I know I was talked about behind my back a lot, but I just pretended it didn't happen and lived my life. My sophomore year, I started volunteering in an elementary special ed room. The teacher there was a first year teacher and we got along well. She struggled with weight too and so we made graphs about our weight and actually started working out after school. We'd go on walks around town or do a video in her classroom. That made me feel good and I liked seeing the results. By the time summer came, I was down 12 pounds and was happy with the progress I'd made. Summer came, and so did the weight. But again, I didn't care.

Junior year and senior year came and passed. I went to prom with my swing choir partner because I knew there was no chance that I would ever be asked. My group of friends all had dates, so I had to have someone. Ben was a trooper and we had a lot of fun. I remember writing in a journal my senior year that I weighed 240 pounds and was mortified that I weighed that much. I knew girls in my class who weighed 125. I weighed over 100 pounds more than them. But still, I didn't do anything about it.

I looked forward to college, moving away from home and the life of a small town girl and experiencing new things. My freshman year was a blast. I met a lot of great friends and partied a ton. My weight maintained and I was cool with it. I never met any boys, danced at clubs but was jealous of the other couples "getting it on" on the dance floor, wishing that was me. So, I went into my sophomore year knowing I wanted to change. I signed up for aerobics class at college and went faithfully 4 days a week. I started cutting down what I ate (A LOT), so much so that I begin just eating about once a day. I lost 18 pounds in a month as was so happy with myself! I also started looking online for boyfriends and met a guy who lived an hour and a half away. We talked for a few weeks and decided to go on a first date. He came up to my dorm and picked me up. I was the talk of the dorm, let me tell you! We went to dinner and a movie and things went fabulous. We continued to date throughout the remainder of my college years, doing the long distance thing. I went to his place every weekend because he didn't "care" to come up to the dorm or my apartment (Remember this fact....). The longer we dated, the less I worked out and the more weight I started to gain. He didn't say anything and I didn't either, so I assumed life was great.

I was placed for student teaching and he got a job in that same city, so we decided to live together. I didn't think life could get any better. We saw each other on a daily basis, I cooked and cleaned and everything was lovely. He proposed to me after about 5 months of living together (Dec. 2003) and I thought my dreams had come true. I started planning a wedding, bought the dress and felt as if my life was complete. We set the wedding date for June 2005. In the fall of 2004, I got my first teaching job. I'll never forget the night I got the phone call. When I accepted the job, I ran into the computer room (where he spent most of his waking hours) and told him the good news. His response was, "that's nice." My sister was also there at that time and she was ecstatic for me. I shoved it off as he was into his game and life went on. As we approached the holidays that year, his work shift changed from 2-11 PM, so I literally never saw him except for when he was asleep. I started noticing that instead of getting home at 11:30, it would 2 or 3 AM. I questioned him about it and he said he was going to a bar to drink with some guys. Okay, fine.

After a few weeks, while trying to be intimate, he totally dissed me. Then he said he had something to tell me. He told me he's been going to a strip club every night after work. He said he liked it because he enjoyed talking to the guys (oh yeah, right) and it relaxed him. I was devastated. He then went on to tell me he wasn't attracted to me anymore and that I was too fat. My life crumbled. He called the engagement off and I moved out and lived with my sister. I was so hurt, it made me sick. I couldn't eat. I lost 15 pounds in two weeks. My sister forced me to eat with her so she knew I ate. About a week after I moved in with my sister, he came to visit me to bring my mail. He said he'd made the decision that he didn't want to be with me anymore. While I was crushed at first, as time passed, I was okay with it. He didn't want kids (which I do) but I was willing to accept it and put up with it which I never should I have done. As I look back to that relationship, the first year was fabulous and then routine. He chose computer games over me and had told me if I wanted to spend time with him, I should play the online games with him. So I did. I was so gullible. I also found out later on that the night I moved out, he went on a first date with a girl he worked with.

I spent about three weeks in depression, sleeping a lot, barely getting through work (I don't remember how I taught then) and just existing. I got on the scale and saw I was 25 down from my highest just a month or so back. So, I decided to start watching what I eat and working out. My sister and I worked out together and had fun doing it. She was dating a guy at the time, so that kind of bothered me. But I used that aggression in my workouts. I decided that I didn't want to live with her for a long time, so I looked at renting an apartment. Then, I started looking at buying houses. I found a smaller house that would be perfect for just me and the payments were only $90 more a month, so six years ago today, in fact, I bought my first house.

I continued working out, losing weight and dating, but nothing panned out really. Until November of 2005, I met my now-husband. December of 2005, I weighed my lowest of my adult life, 214 pounds. I felt on top of the world. I looked good, I had a man in love with me, and it was great. And as with relationships, as I started getting comfortable, the weight crept on.

Fast forward to today (sorry, that was a long life story...hope you're still with me). I currently weigh 245 pounds. I don't work out consistently and my eating needs help. Again. Tomorrow, I embark on my Max 10 BodyShaping bootcamp for 10 weeks of hard workouts and monitored nutrition. My goal is to lose 20 pounds by June 25 (end of week 10). Ideally, I'd love to lose 30 but I'll take what I can get. I just want my body to respond. Then after June 25, I'm going to hit the jogging/running and hope to lose another 10-15 pounds before school starts. This could put me close to the 100s, something I haven't been in for 15+ years.

My goal would be between 170-180. Then, my goal is maintenance and toning. Assuming my husband gets a full time job (I pray to god that happens), I would like to start trying to conceive our first child in a year (summer 2012). My doctor believes I have PCOS and losing weight would be a huge asset in trying to conceive. I also refuse to carry a child at my current weight.

So, there you have it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I plan to blog daily on my bootcamp and nutrition activities. I will also post my weekly progress.

Here I go....

Monday, April 11, 2011

I love Spring!!!

I have been so in love with the weather lately. This weekend, it got to 84 degrees! To be honest, that was a little warm for the beginning of April but I won't really complain.

Another thing with warmer weather, I have enjoyed my evening walks with my hubby! We've gone an hour two nights in a row and I actually remembered to wear my HRM tonight and saw we burned 560 calories!!! Go us!

Bootcamp is approaching and I'm ready. I'm ready for this challenge. I'm ready to get my ass kicked ( know, it is boxing and kicking...I digress...!)

But here's what I'm nervous about. On Saturday at 8 AM, I will go and find out just how horrible I've let myself get. I'll have the weight, body fat, measurements, number of sit ups (umm...yeah, maybe 2?), push ups (maybe 3?), step ups and the mile run. I'm hoping we're not running outside as right now, the forecast for Saturday is 49 degrees and rain. Yuck!!!

In preparation for bootcamp, I'm making sure I'm at least getting these walks in every night. Time to get my body trained. Trying to work out the meal preparation as adding this hour class six days a week is going to take a lot out of my evenings.

Just hoping my body cooperates.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MAX 10 Bootcamp starts April 18th!!!

As mentioned before, I signed myself up for a bootcamp for 10 weeks. The bridal bootcamp thing didn't pan out because not enough people registered for it.

So here's what I got myself into:

-Expert instruction. Most instructors are either martial arts professionals or certified fitness instructors.
-Motivational coaches. You will be assigned a supportive who has completed one or more MAX10 sessions. Your coach will help guide you through the 10-week MAX10 session. They are their to help answer all of your questions, and provide the motivation you need to stay on track.
-Fun team atmosphere. You will be placed on a team. Research shows that group formats are the key to obtaining consistent results over time. Being accountable for and to your team will help everyone achieve more!
-Reverse Interval Training techniques. Interval training has shown time and time again to be the most effective training technique for burning fat. We’ve taken it a step further and enhanced it to be even better. Come see how!
-Exciting workouts. Our 3-phase system and diversity in equipment and exercises combined with creative instructors make our program superior to others. We are proud of the training that we provide to our staff. We think well trained instructors make all the difference in the world!
-Diverse exercise modalities: We have combined the best from Kickboxing, boxing, Tae Kwon Do, resistance Training, free weight training, plyometrics, core work, and various stretching modalities to keep you coming back for more!
-Flexible class times. We have classes early in the morning, around the noon hour, after work, and later on at night. We even have our MAX10 Express class which is a shortened format for busy lives. Can’t make it to your normally scheduled class time? No problem, drop in to any other class time, or come to the Saturday Express class!

MAX10® sets you up for success with the tools to shape your body. Tone and firm your figure with high intensity, personal training style workouts. Boost your endurance, lose weight, increase your strength and transform your physique. Gear up with professional kickboxing equipment. Hit the bodyshaping books with the MAX10® Body Shaping Manual. Bring a friend, form a team and focus on the fun while we track your progress.

Included with sign up:
-MAX10® Personal Coaching
-10 Weeks of MAX10® Classes
-MAX10® Progress Reports
-MAX10® Body Shaping Manual
-Revgear® Boxing Gloves & Wrist Wraps
-MAX10® Nutritional Tracking Book
-Access to Hi-Tech ultrasound body composition testing.
-Smart Shopping and cooking demonstrations
-Social Networking Events
…and much, much more.

Becoming truly health conscious is much like reaching for spiritual enlightenment. It’s not about nitpicking on minor details. It’s about discerning patterns and revealing the big picture. It’s not about avoiding “sins” – in the case of health, avoiding everything that could possibly harm you – it’s about making healthier, saner choices. You can’t make those choices unless you know what’s good for you, and one of the ways you discover better options is by joining MAX10.

And let me tell you, I look bad ass in the boxing gloves!!!!! Anxious to see how the fitness testing goes on the 16th. One mile "run," 1 minute of sit ups and push ups, step test, and measurements galore!!!

Before then, I need to get back to getting active or I'm gonna be one sore puppy that week. Feeling tons better today (thank you, meds), so my goal is to get outside after work and work on the walk/jog thing.

I've got big goals.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Whammy Weekend

Going into this weekend, I had big plans. The weather was great (60 degrees Saturday and 80 degrees today), so I was going to accomplish a lot of housework and then get out and attempt to start jogging outside. I left school Friday in a great mood. As Friday evening went on, a sore throat started. I thought it was just because my throat was dry. Boy was I wrong.

As the overnight progressed, I started running a fever of 100, my neck became stiff, my head was congested and my sore throat was horrible. Saturday was pure misery. I either laid in bed or laid on the couch. Today, I went to an urgent care clinic and was diagnosed with the double whammy of ear infection and sinus infection. So, I have 10 days of meds. Day one is down, so I'm hoping I can start feeling relief tomorrow. I'm going to work and attempt to teach my 4th graders after doing literally nothing all weekend.

I'm so pissed though...the plans and setting are perfect and then something like this messes it up. So, instead of burning 1000+ calories per day (my plan was anyway), I burned nothing.