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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love Spring Break!

I know, I know. For those people not in education or even bigger districts, most people don't get spring breaks. I used to be one of them. When I was in school, our spring break consisted of Good Friday and the Monday after Easter. Since I work in a large 4A district now, we have a spring break. And I must say, I highly approve!!!

So, here's how my week has gone...

Monday-hair appointment....highlighted and got about two inches chopped off. Feels like a weight lifted off my chest. Then, chiropractor...always feels good to be adjusted. Grilled out with hubby and walked. Bachelor finale...glad he picked Emily, but a little worried they won't make it to the altar.

Tuesday-massage...60 minutes of pure heaven. This was the best massage I've ever had. Then, I proceeded to clean from 11 AM to 6 PM. I mean massive clean. I had sweat literally pouring down my face. Bedroom-dusted furniture in there that probably hadn't been dusted since the last decade, put all clothes where they belong (can be a problem for us as our closets are coat closet size), vacuumed big time, washed curtains (hadn't been done since I moved in about 6 years ago). Living room-vacuumed large rug and sucked up kitty hair (wood floors are notorious for that), dusted all furniture, swiffered wood floor. Kitchen-did dishes, swept up floor, washed curtains, cleared off kitchen table (kitchen's too small to even use table to eat so it's a paper collector). Vacuumed stairs to basement. Vacuumed out hubby's car (he's a pig). Washed all throw blankets and pillows and three other loads of laundry. Had the windows open too. Was so proud of what I accomplished and was physically exhausted. But I'm guessing I burned a good 500 calories of more in those 7 hours.

Wednesday (today)-Worked out to my good 'ole Tae Bo. Burned me some 501 calories. Would have done more but have to get cleaned up to go to my gastroenterologist appointment. For those who haven't been following, I've been pretty much diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. I either can't go or can't stop going and anywhere in between. I have no consistency and it sucks. He had me do tests to rule out bacteria in bowel, fructose intolerance, lactose intolerance, and celiac disease. All those were negative which I'm thankful for, but doesn't help the situation. I've played around with fiber intake and I haven't found a happy medium. I'm either in the bathroom or I feel like a bloated whale. So, we'll see what he says.

Spring breaks are a good refresher for me. I know that the winter doldrums are behind me and spring is close by. The temps are warming are people just seem in a better mood. Now, to work on making me healthier. It's a work in progress. More on that later...

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  1. Sounds like an awesome week so far! I love a good massage AND having my house deep cleaned! Good luck at the dr. I hope you get some more answers or suggestions!