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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hi. I'm Nicole.

Remember me? I'm that one person who set out to accomplish amazing goals.

I'm here. Here's what's been going on.

Nothing that excuses not working out.

Okay, I take that back a little. Grad school is hellaciously busy. My prof thinks he's all that since he just got his PhD and is teaching his first graduate level course. I'm sorry, but take your arrogance elsewhere. Last night, I bullshitted my way through a five page paper on instructional learning theories and how they're effectively used in my school. Really? How is this going to make be a better principal? It's not.

On a bright side, if there is one, I've maintained. My weight this morning was 239.2. Pretty good for not working out in the last week. Eating actually has been okay for me. I need to get back to a schedule. But it seems like school crap pops up. For example, in two weeks, I'll have conferences until 7:30 PM. Ugghhh....

So, I'm here. I'm alive. Now, I need to get moving.


  1. Good job maintaining and not letting your schedule be an excuse to just stop caring! Even though you could do better (couldn't we all?!), you're doing well. Cheers to that!

  2. Rooting for you - I believe in you!! :)