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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 3 Recap

I am so proud of myself today. We had unexpected plans come up this afternoon that meant eating out. So, I ate a bowl of fruit for lunch so that I allowed myself the calories for dinner. I was full and I ordered what I wanted, but only ate half of my sandwich, which is a big step for me!!!

Calories Recorded: Check. Again, estimation.
Under 1800 calories: I'm saying check because I really watched what I ate.
Water: TBD about 16 ounces to go before bed.
Exercise: Check. 45 minutes tae bo.
Sleep: Check. Love sleeping in on weekends.

I feel like a weight's starting to be lifted from me. I don't know why, what, etc. But I just have a good feeling about things...

Happy Easter to everyone tomorrow, and I hope you get to spend some time with family or friends!

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