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Friday, November 5, 2010

Health Update....FINALLY!


I haven't been away...I've just been waiting. Here are my updates:

Regular Doctor-Thyroid levels are low enough that she's upping my dose. We will monitor energy level and intestinal movements and go from there. Pap came back normal, so that's always reassuring.

Chiropractor-I had a rib out of place. He put that baby back in place and gave me orders to take Advil and ice it every evening. Being that rib was out of place for over a week, my muscles wrapped around it and now that it's back in place, my muscles aren't. So for the next few days he has be doing that. He also has me limited to walking for the next week. He said that especially since I'm a tae bo fan, any upper body movements like that can easily pop it back out of place. So, unless I wanted to visit him frequently, I need to take it easy on the back. I also talked to him about my intestinal issues. He has me doing an herbal cleanse for the next 10 days. The only reason he's having me do this is because with three months of problems and build up, he said my diet changes aren't helping and my system isn't cleaning out properly. So, I'm giving this a shot. I've learned that fiber drinks (metamucil) are utterly disgusting and my gag reflex has prohibited me from drinking them, so I'm taking a fiber supplement for that part. Anxious to see how I feel after this.

So, that's where I'm at. I feel good about what's gone on and anxious to see if things change. I'm ready to get back into the groove of everything.

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  1. Um, excuse me? "I have a rib out of place"? OMG! I hope everything heals great and you are back to 100% soon!!!

    (Hugs, but not too hard because I don't wanna pop that rib back out! LOL)