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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Letter to Me

Dear Me,

I'm going to be frank with you here. You've got to stop letting the excuses run your life. You've got to stop letting food run your life. Do you know how many calories you consumed yesterday? Exactly, because you're not tracking them. By letting food control you, you're blind to everything else. Food controls what you do when...because you wouldn't want to miss snacks in the lounge, right? WRONG!!! Did you need those? How about when you got home? Why do you always go to the fridge/cupboard? When you do, you just grab crap anyway.

You need to get serious. You're health and well-being depend on it. You know your husband is behind you. Look at him running four miles a day. Do you see him snacking all of the time?

And no excuses about the holidays coming up. Remember last year? You kept exercising and watched your portions and you lost weight during Thanksgiving and Christmas. You need to get back to that.

You keep saying I want to weigh under 200 pounds. Well, lately, you sure haven't showed it. I know you've had health issues, but those have mostly cleared up, so what's stopping you?

What's that you say? You. You're stopping you. You're the only one who decides what goes in your body and you've been feeding it crap lately. Seriously...cheese, brownies, chips, bread, etc. And too much of it. It's okay to have one, not three.

And what's with the lack of workouts? I know, you've had report cards, I get that. They're done now and you're free sailing. Get off your duff and sweat. You'll feel better, I promise.


**Sorry for the discussion with myself, but maybe by rereading it, I'll snap into reality.

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  1. I'm glad you posted this because I made a mental note to come and check up on you today. You said everything to yourself that I would say to you. You know you. You know what you HAVE to do.

    You just have to convince yourself that you want it enough to actually work for it. Until you do, you'll swim in circles.

    Even swimming in circles, I'll still be there behind you, rooting you on, and celebrating with you on that day that you finally get your ducks in a row and make a bee-line for 199.

    You'll get there. You just have to be ready to really give it everything you've got.