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Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Week 1 Results

Exercise Goal: Max10 at least 5 days per week I made it 4/5 days this week due to being out of town one of them.

Exercise Goal: Start C25K program 3x per week Scratch this. With school starting back up and being back to work starting this Thursday, I will not have the extra time for this.

Nutrition Goal: No french fries....not eating out, not at home. None. They have no nutritional value and I feel I have an addiction to them! Big. Fat. FAIL. Not once, not twice, but three times. One at home, and two out. Disappointed in myself here.

Nutrition Goal: Eat more veggies and fruit Actually did work on this during the week.

Weight Goal: After vacation, I'm starting August at 239.0 so, my goal by September 1st is 230.0. This is going to be a challenge as I head back to work and temptations will be more present, but I'm determined to reach some goals. That means I would be looking at the 220s for September. That would be great. Gained 0.8 pounds this week. Not surprised, but not happy. Not going to happen next week.

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