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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies are the Devil...

and I'm an angel!!!

Okay, maybe not an angel necessarily, but you want to know something? In the past, when Girl Scout cookies arrive, I ravish them. I don't eat one and then not eat another until the next day. Oh no, my friends. I inhale one after another after another until the whole stinking box is polished off. And that's in a matter of minutes.

This year, I purchased Girl Scout cookies. After all, I am a former Girl Scout so it's important to support the cause. Instead of leaving the entire box at school to be consumed during my prep or lunch time, I put two in a itty bitty baggie and threw it into my lunch. The box stayed home, tucked away in it's nice, cozy cupboard. They're not going anywhere (except maybe my husband's stomach) and I have to remember that.

Have you ever eaten things before because you're afraid if you don't, they won't be there later? That's part of my eating problem. Take brownies for example. I'll make an 8x8 or 9x13 pan of luscious, chewy, chocolate brownies. After they're cooled, I'll eat one. Then I'll probably eat part of another before I put the lid on. Then, before bed, I'll cut just a "little" piece and eat it. Then in the morning, I'll go weigh myself, see the pan, and grab another "little" one. While I'm putting my lunch together and cut one to put in my bag, I'll take part of the next one. Just a little one. Then I come home and see that pan sitting there. I'll notice my husband has been eating them, so I better have another one, big one this time, just so he doesn't eat them all. And the cycle continues.... Now, this hasn't happened in a while and as a matter of fact, I avoid making things like brownies, bars, cookies because of this problem I have. If they're not there, I can't eat them.

I'm working to get over that hump. I can have a little and know that there will still be more at another time. The food isn't going anywhere. And it's not that I don't ever make them. It's just that when I do, I struggle to only eat portions and not rows.

It's all about the baby steps.

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  1. Great job with the cookies!! I always remind myself, "this is real life" and in real life, I can have one or two cookies once in a while. That's not going to make me fat. I got fat from eating the whole box in one sitting. Awesome work!!