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Monday, February 21, 2011

NSV=Non-Scale Victory!!!

Okay, I have to share this because this is huge for me. Today we had Professional Development/Teacher In-service (whatever you want to call it). My principal bought a large box of doughnuts for our morning meetings. As soon as I walked in the room, the overwhelming smell of dough and sugary frosting was inhaled into my body. First reaction.....I gotta have one of those. So, I decided to test my willpower. I saw at the table where the doughnuts were. I looked at them. There were glazed, frosted, jelly-filled, cream-filled, cinnamon rolls, and calorie-laden goodness.

"I don't need it," I told myself. "I already had breakfast at home."

An hour goes by.

"Man, there's still a bunch left," I thought. "No, I don't need it."

Another hour goes by.

"Look at all of those doughnuts sitting there. I could have half of one."


As the meeting finished, I watched my principal take the box out of the room and away from my sight and smell.

I win.

I beat you, doughnuts. You didn't beat me. I saved myself at least 300 calories.

And guess what else? I worked out. Now, don't get too excited. It was a quick 25 minute, 306 calorie burn, but I did it. Add that to the doughnut I avoided and that's 600 calories not swimming towards my abs, hips and butt.

I can do this. I just have to try.


  1. Great job on the workout, and CONGRATS on the donuts. That's awesome!!

  2. Awesome job on the doughnuts! I love your positive outlook! <3

  3. Congrats :) That must have been soooo tempting!

  4. Awesome!!! Keep beating those doughnuts to death!