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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend workouts=almost 1500 calories burned!

Zumba + Tae Bo = Reenergized

It's amazing how when you put 100% effort into workouts, you can feel great. When I'm being a lazy bum and giving excuses as to why not to workout, I forget about the endorphins being released into my body and this feeling of being invincible!!!! Okay, I'm not SuperWoman, but I feel great. I need to remember this on days when I feel like simply sitting, catching up on DVR and not breaking a sweat.

This week will be a challenge as it's conference week. Wednesday is grad school until 9 PM and Thursday is conferences until 7:30 PM. Wednesday will be tough to get a workout in, but I should be able to get a small one in on Thursday. I'm trying to get back on track with my workouts. I can tell I've lost some of the firmness/tightness I had a couple of months ago. I can tell in how my jeans fit, how shirts hang, etc. It's time to change that. I refuse to go back to an old size just because I was lazy.

I'm matron of honor in a wedding in September. In two weeks, I'm going dress shopping for our bridesmaid dresses. I'm scared but excited. Does that make sense? I know I'll have to try things on how I currently am....ack.....but I'm also looking ahead to the progress I could potentially make and how I could look come 9-10-11. Ah, the possibilities...

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  1. Great job with the workout! :) I love that feeling of remembring how great you feel after a workout - almost like you "recharge" your workout batteries. Keep up the awesome work!