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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 3 Weigh-In

Exercise Goal: Continue Max10 at least 5 days per week (3 days...hubby's dr. appt. ran over so I missed Thursday, sick Friday and Saturday)

Exercise Goal: Do additional 30 min. of workouts 2-3x/week (bike, jog, walk, etc.) (None...too hot and been sick)

Nutrition Goal: Eat out no more than 2x/week (Ate out quite a bit this week due to heat-didn't want to turn on oven or stand outside and fail on this one)

Nutrition Goal: Eat fewer carbs and more veggies and fruit (I'm not putting a number on this but this is a serious goal I need to work on) (Ehh...did okay)

Weight Goal: Weigh 235 by July 30th (trip with college friends to St. Louis)...less would be great, but this averages one pound/week. (Beginning weight was 242.0 and this week, I'm at 238.0....loss of 4.0 pounds in three weeks...I attribute this to the stomach flu I got yesterday because I was planning on a gain this week)

Not proud of things this week and also got sick, so hoping this next week goes much better! St. Louis trip on Friday!


  1. With this heat, everything is a little harder! I have not been doing much because of it, just getting up is a major effort! Still 4lbs in three weeks is really awesome! Good job :)

  2. Hey doll! new follower cant wait to follow your journey.

    Grace @ wannabe former fatgirl