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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get your game face on.

Yep, it's that time. Time to stop dinking around and time to start standing up and doing what you should be doing!

I'm tired of work and grad school running my life. I type this as I'm sitting waiting for my 6:10 PM conference to come during conference night. Last weekend, it was a beautiful weekend with 80 degree temps and sunshine. Did I spend it outside? Well, yes if you count the three hours I used our leaf blower to collect leaves...not fun, but other than that, no. I finished my last part of my thesis, my online portfolio, and finished logging all of my internship hours. I'm so tired of grad school. I'm taking Ed Psych right now and really could give two shits less about it.

Work is just as bad. Conference week (well, two weeks actually) is hell. I spend multiple 12-hour days at school. While I enjoy conferences, I hate the time sucker they are. I don't get home until almost 8:00 PM and by then, I'm pooped.

Here's reality:
-I haven't worked out in two weeks.
-I haven't counted calories.
-I still weigh around 240 (queen of maintaining right here)
-I'm tired
-I miss being home with my hubby
-I'm ready for graduation in December
-I'm ready to have my clothes feel loose

I have grad school tomorrow night and then I'm going to my parent's house for two days to visit my niece in her first grade classroom and visit some old friends. I'm coming back on Saturday for my sister-in-law's baby shower and then a big sigh of relief.

I'm ready to get my game face on. I'm ready to get back into my life. I'm ready to start exercising. I'm ready to start eating even better.



  1. Good for you! Life is hectic but you're ready to make yourself a priority. You rock my socks.

  2. I'm so glad that we connected on the Prior Fat Girl forum! It's always nice to find another Iowan :)

    Keep your head up, girl! I know how busy life can be (full time working, my husband is in school and we have a 1 yr old daughter!). I'm cheering you on!!

  3. You'll get to the gym. I think that everyone falls off track every once in awhile. And maintaining- even a weight we're not happy with- is so much better than gaining.