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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

30 DS Day #4

Not as sore today! YAY!!! Day 4 went okay, but for some reason, the push ups were harder today. I've got this weird popping noise in my right elbow when I bend it a certain way. I'm sure it's 30 DS related. I'm being careful with it and when I go to the chiro in a little over a week, I'll ask him his thoughts (if it's still popping).

I need to stay away from the scale. It is not my friend. I'm expecting instant gratification and not receiving it. As a result, I get pissy. I need to quit. Everyone says with the 30 DS to measure rather than weigh. I measured last Saturday when I started and I won't measure again until Day 30. I just hate the weight I'm at.

I hate how I look. I hate pants fitting, but not as loosely as they used to. I hate shirts grabbing onto my muffin top. I despise my arms that are huge and jiggly. I hate my bootay that shakes more than it used to. I want it to go away. I want clothes to fit loosely. I want people to notice. I want the scale to react. I know, I know...patience is a virtue. Well, that's not helping me right now!!

Okay, pity party over. I'm going to research some people's progression of 30 DS and see what to expect. Obviously, everyone's different.

I really hope to notice something next week when I switch to level 2. Please.

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