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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Restart Button

You know how when your computer is running slowly, programs take forever to work, and you get completely irritated with it? What do you do? You restart your computer. By restarting, the computer starts over fresh and functions much better.

Well, I've done the same thing. I was doing so well with the 30 DS, ready to move to level 2, and then I get bombarded with the worst cold/flu/sinus/allergy thing I've ever had. I felt out of it for a literally a week. Now that I'm feeling back to normal, it's time to hit my restart button. There's no way I could be ready for level 2 of 30 DS, so I started back today with some tae bo. I made it through 36 minutes before feeling like dying, so it's better than nothing.

Have you ever hit your restart button?

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