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Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Week Progress Report

I'll let the numbers speak.

Starting Weight: 249.4
Week 5: 247.0

Starting Body Fat: 41.2%
Week 5: 40.4%

Inches Lost: 4.75 in.

Fitness Changes:
Starting 1 min. Step-Ups:47
Week 5: 55

Starting Push-Ups: 25
Week 5: 35

Starting Sit-Ups: 15
Week 5: 23

Starting Flexibility: 9.75
Week 5: 11.25

Vertical Leap: 15 (both times)

Heart Rate Test: Let's just say my heart rate is happier now than 5 weeks ago.

Thoughts: I don't know. There were a couple of ladies there in similar circumstances. In fact, one who weighed more than me only lost a pound and didn't lose much for inches. Discouraged? Slightly. I also talked to a girl who did this in the fall and she said the first five weeks she only lost 4 pounds and the second 5 weeks she lost 10. The guy who runs the place said everyone's body is different and reacts differently.

So, here's to the next five weeks!


  1. Any loss is a good loss! Keep up the hard work!

  2. Keep at it!! I'm cheering you on and hoping you see some great results.