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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bootcamp Week 3 Day 1

Holy cow, life is going by fast right now. Sorry I haven't been updating my blog. My life is all-consumed with this impending interview on Friday. No worries, though...I've been still working out and eating right.

Yesterday was the start of week 3 of bootcamp and we entered the phase called the "Burn Phase" cardio max. In the 45 minutes of kickboxing yesterday, I don't think we stopped moving once. We went from punches to kicks to core work to jumping jacks to planks to more kicks and punches. I was dead.

People are work are already telling me I look thinner/leaner. Wish the scale said that. I'm up a pound from last week. I hate that I'm so attached to that stupid number. Some days it feels like my clothes fit better and others it doesn't. So I don't know! Frustrating. I want immediate gratification, but I didn't become this overnight. The change won't happen overnight.


On a side note with the interview, the more I research the school, the more I'm questionable about the future of its existence. It's solely a K-6 elementary building as the middle/high school kids go to a neighboring school with whole grade sharing. It's been doing this for 5 years and enrollment has declined every year. My question is, how long will this school be in existence? I can't take a job that won't be there in two years without knowing I had another job lined up. At that point, it would have to be another principal job as I would be too expensive of a hire as a teacher. It sucks because it could be the perfect first job that I can't afford to take. I'm sure the stress of all of this is playing havoc with my body as well.

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