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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday Recap

On Friday, I failed at eating. And because of it, I didn't work out.

That's so wrong.

So, on Saturday, I did my workout I missed Friday and did the one I needed to for Saturday. Almost 900 calories burned. Now don't get too excited. I ate pretty much all of them back when we went out to dinner with friends. One positive to eating out is that I didn't order fries with my chicken wrap. I asked for the ranch and BBQ sauce on the side and used dipped my fork in them and put it on the wrap. But I still ate everything. I should have only ate half. But what's done is done.

Today, I don't have a tae bo workout planned (following the PT 24/7 workout schedule), so I'm not quite sure what I'll do today. I have an hour workout in mind. I'd love to push the 1000 calorie burn mark today.


I stepped on the scale today and I'm exactly what I was last Monday. 245.0 pounds. With the exception of Friday, I have tracked my calories to a "T." I have worked out five out of the last six days. Most people who start watching what they eat and workout lose 5-10 pounds the first week. Why not me? :(

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  1. It's ok if you messed up we all do at some point and time. Just like you said what's done is done. Don't let it bring you down start fresh. You can do this!!