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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Whammy Weekend

Going into this weekend, I had big plans. The weather was great (60 degrees Saturday and 80 degrees today), so I was going to accomplish a lot of housework and then get out and attempt to start jogging outside. I left school Friday in a great mood. As Friday evening went on, a sore throat started. I thought it was just because my throat was dry. Boy was I wrong.

As the overnight progressed, I started running a fever of 100, my neck became stiff, my head was congested and my sore throat was horrible. Saturday was pure misery. I either laid in bed or laid on the couch. Today, I went to an urgent care clinic and was diagnosed with the double whammy of ear infection and sinus infection. So, I have 10 days of meds. Day one is down, so I'm hoping I can start feeling relief tomorrow. I'm going to work and attempt to teach my 4th graders after doing literally nothing all weekend.

I'm so pissed though...the plans and setting are perfect and then something like this messes it up. So, instead of burning 1000+ calories per day (my plan was anyway), I burned nothing.


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  1. Wow, that sounds miserable!! Hope you get better soon!!