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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bootcamp Week 2 Day 2

Today, I had a better attitude. I changed up snacks a little (celery and natural PB...I know....SUPER EXCITING!). I avoided temptation of snacks. But I will admit that tonight for supper. I needed some carbs because I hadn't had many today (which is NOT normal for me...I'm a carb-addict!). So, I made cottage fries from the freezer and baked them and ate them with my grilled sirloin and green beans. They didn't take up most of my plate like normal. Green beans took up half, sirloin a fourth and the fries a fourth. And I didn't have seconds.

Class tonight was challenging as always. Whoever said resistance bands are easier than lifting weights must not have done a resistance bands class for an extended period of time. OUCH!!! Shoulder presses, chest presses, squats (yuck), lunges (bigger yuck), and intermittent crunches, planks, etc.

Tomorrow is kickboxing at a whopping 5:30 AM!!! Ugghhh.... I hope I don't drag through the day as much as I did last week. That was torture! Tomorrow is my last official night of night class. I already have plans the next two Wednesday nights, so I have two more weeks of 5:30 AM kickboxing plus next Friday morning! It wouldn't be so bad if my hair didn't take so long to do! Last week was pretty much a wet ponytail...we'll see if I can be more efficient tomorrow morning!

The things you do to help you achieve your goals....I tell ya!

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  1. Oh man I hear you on the hair! Mine takes so freaking long to dry. However, I also look like I'm about 16 when I have wet hair so I'm forced to dry it before I go into the office.