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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MAX 10 Bootcamp starts April 18th!!!

As mentioned before, I signed myself up for a bootcamp for 10 weeks. The bridal bootcamp thing didn't pan out because not enough people registered for it.

So here's what I got myself into:

-Expert instruction. Most instructors are either martial arts professionals or certified fitness instructors.
-Motivational coaches. You will be assigned a supportive who has completed one or more MAX10 sessions. Your coach will help guide you through the 10-week MAX10 session. They are their to help answer all of your questions, and provide the motivation you need to stay on track.
-Fun team atmosphere. You will be placed on a team. Research shows that group formats are the key to obtaining consistent results over time. Being accountable for and to your team will help everyone achieve more!
-Reverse Interval Training techniques. Interval training has shown time and time again to be the most effective training technique for burning fat. We’ve taken it a step further and enhanced it to be even better. Come see how!
-Exciting workouts. Our 3-phase system and diversity in equipment and exercises combined with creative instructors make our program superior to others. We are proud of the training that we provide to our staff. We think well trained instructors make all the difference in the world!
-Diverse exercise modalities: We have combined the best from Kickboxing, boxing, Tae Kwon Do, resistance Training, free weight training, plyometrics, core work, and various stretching modalities to keep you coming back for more!
-Flexible class times. We have classes early in the morning, around the noon hour, after work, and later on at night. We even have our MAX10 Express class which is a shortened format for busy lives. Can’t make it to your normally scheduled class time? No problem, drop in to any other class time, or come to the Saturday Express class!

MAX10® sets you up for success with the tools to shape your body. Tone and firm your figure with high intensity, personal training style workouts. Boost your endurance, lose weight, increase your strength and transform your physique. Gear up with professional kickboxing equipment. Hit the bodyshaping books with the MAX10® Body Shaping Manual. Bring a friend, form a team and focus on the fun while we track your progress.

Included with sign up:
-MAX10® Personal Coaching
-10 Weeks of MAX10® Classes
-MAX10® Progress Reports
-MAX10® Body Shaping Manual
-Revgear® Boxing Gloves & Wrist Wraps
-MAX10® Nutritional Tracking Book
-Access to Hi-Tech ultrasound body composition testing.
-Smart Shopping and cooking demonstrations
-Social Networking Events
…and much, much more.

Becoming truly health conscious is much like reaching for spiritual enlightenment. It’s not about nitpicking on minor details. It’s about discerning patterns and revealing the big picture. It’s not about avoiding “sins” – in the case of health, avoiding everything that could possibly harm you – it’s about making healthier, saner choices. You can’t make those choices unless you know what’s good for you, and one of the ways you discover better options is by joining MAX10.

And let me tell you, I look bad ass in the boxing gloves!!!!! Anxious to see how the fitness testing goes on the 16th. One mile "run," 1 minute of sit ups and push ups, step test, and measurements galore!!!

Before then, I need to get back to getting active or I'm gonna be one sore puppy that week. Feeling tons better today (thank you, meds), so my goal is to get outside after work and work on the walk/jog thing.

I've got big goals.

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  1. Wow, that sounds SUPER intense but like it's going to be AWESOME! Can't wait to hear about how it goes!! :)