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Monday, April 11, 2011

I love Spring!!!

I have been so in love with the weather lately. This weekend, it got to 84 degrees! To be honest, that was a little warm for the beginning of April but I won't really complain.

Another thing with warmer weather, I have enjoyed my evening walks with my hubby! We've gone an hour two nights in a row and I actually remembered to wear my HRM tonight and saw we burned 560 calories!!! Go us!

Bootcamp is approaching and I'm ready. I'm ready for this challenge. I'm ready to get my ass kicked ( know, it is boxing and kicking...I digress...!)

But here's what I'm nervous about. On Saturday at 8 AM, I will go and find out just how horrible I've let myself get. I'll have the weight, body fat, measurements, number of sit ups (umm...yeah, maybe 2?), push ups (maybe 3?), step ups and the mile run. I'm hoping we're not running outside as right now, the forecast for Saturday is 49 degrees and rain. Yuck!!!

In preparation for bootcamp, I'm making sure I'm at least getting these walks in every night. Time to get my body trained. Trying to work out the meal preparation as adding this hour class six days a week is going to take a lot out of my evenings.

Just hoping my body cooperates.

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  1. You are going to do great at bootcamp - can't wait to hear how it goes!!