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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bootcamp Day #6 and a chicken

Saturday morning was my last day of week 1 for bootcamp. In the 45 minutes, they did both kickboxing and resistance bands. Our warm up was jogging around the gym. Then, they had us partner up and one partner was running with a resistance band around their middle while the person behind was pulling on the resistance band and dragging their first. Envision: Jillian Michaels on Biggest Loser. This was tough! The class continued to be as equally tough and my shirt was thoroughly soaked when we were through.

I decided to stay for yoga. I've never done yoga before so I was anxious to check it out. It was very relaxing. She did a lot of stretches and during the last 10 minutes, we did relaxation and I literally almost fell asleep! It was great. I definitely am going to try to stay for yoga each Saturday if I can.

Today was my day of rest. Since I used yesterday as my "free day" for eating (Easter dinner at the in-laws yesterday), I was back on track. Hubby and I were running errands at Walmart and I decided to get a rotisserie chicken from their deli department. It smelled delish and I knew that if I took the skin off, it would be super good for me. So tonight for dinner, I had chicken (no skin!) and a side salad. It was so good! My husband loved it as well. Since you get a whole chicken, I literally dissected it to get all of the meat off. I pulled all of the skin and fat off and I have an entire container full of it! It'll be great to grab from for snacks or to take a container of it for lunch.

I have many challenges to overcome, but right now, I know I can do it. Tomorrow is a teacher inservice day and the usual "routine" is to go out for lunch. I'm going to pass. I'm bringing my lunch and will eat it at school. It stinks that I'll miss the social part, but right now, my program is more important for me to stick to. Hope my co-workers understand.

Another challenge this week will be that it's Administrative Professionals Week. In honor of our secretaries and associates, each grade level brings treats throughout the week for them. This is hard. So far, I've made it through two treat days from birthdays last week, so I've got four more this week. I can do it.

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  1. Yum, rotisserie chicken is SO GOOD! You will do great this week - just think about what your goals are, and whether or not your food choices will help you get there. YOU CAN DO IT!! :)