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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm back in the saddle again!

Sorry for the song title references, but they fit my posts :)

I took off last night of kickboxing because I didn't want to risk re-injuring or prolonging my ankle sprain and I'm glad I did. It felt great today, so I went to circuit class tonight and rocked it! I was able to do jump squats with the med ball and jump rope on both feet. They wanted us to do one foot at a time but I thought it wasn't worth the risk of hurting it or possibly twisting it again.

Another cool thing is that I've been asked to be a coach for the next 10 week session! One of the guys who teaches (his wife is also in my class) emailed me last night and said he wants to nominate me to be a coach because he said every time I work out I bring it and work my ass off. He said that's what the new crew needs to see and he thinks I could really motivate them and push them in workouts.


I never thought I'd be a "leader" in a workout class. I do "bring it" every time in class because of the strength I feel. I push myself to places I don't think I can go and then go further. I do it for me. Not for anyone else. But now I'll have an added incentive because I'll have a team of newbies watching me. Get ready, kids.

Now, if I could get my full nutrition on game, things would be super swell. Did well today. I'm proud of myself.

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