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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Day Shred Day #2 plus some treadmill

Now don't get too excited about that plus treadmill part! :)

Day #2 with 30DS was great. I was into it. I pushed myself (except those stupid push ups....hate those even "girl style"). I then added 10 minutes on the treadmill. I was getting all into jogging on the second lap (1/4 mile). I made it two minutes in and completely fell apart. No way that was going to continue. So I huffed it through 10 minutes (about 0.6-something miles).

My goal today was to track everything I ate. I did. The only thing I would go back and fix is access to the candy jar in our office. I consumed 3 "fun-size" Crunch bars and 4 "mini" Snickers. Okay, total side thought, but who seriously calls these fun size? What's so "fun" about them? The fact that I could probably eat an entire bag? The fun thought of a tease of a taste??? And the minis...don't even get me started on those!!!

Other that those slip ups, I'm very happy with myself today. I haven't said that in a while. I need to work on the self esteem.

Tomorrow is Wednesday which means grad class. Going to try and plan safely..... Goal tomorrow is once again to record everything I put into my mouth, good or bad. My meals are okay. It's the snacking that's killing me. Bought me some laughing cow cheese and triscuits. We'll see how that goes for a snack instead of raiding the candy jar.

By the way, we have a full size fridge once again....hopefully done buying appliances!!!! Now maybe we can get back to normal eating and living!!!!


  1. I'm super excited about the treadmill. Any time you spent on it was more time than you absolutely HAD to do. Awesomeness. And keep on rockin' the 30DS...that's something that I've never had the courage to even attempt.

    I completely agree with you that 'fun' sized candy bars are the Devil, and they're so yummy and convenient that you sometimes end up eating more of them than you would have if you'd gotten a full-sized candy bar! Bah! Be very afraid! :-)

    Looks like you're getting better at doing the whole "planning ahead" thing. I think that's a huge part of being successful with the whole deal - control your own situation, don't let it control you.

    You're doing a good job, now keep it up! And know that there's a pregnant lady in Cincinnati who's very proud of you and cheering you on every minute of the day!


  2. Hi there. I am new to the blog world and would appreciate it if you would follow me and send some encouragement my way. I am in it to lose 100 pounds!

  3. Oh! The fun size candy bars are evil! When I finish eating probably works out to being a fullsize candy bar! Yikes.

    30 Day Shred? My aunt done that while on weight watchers and lost about 20 pounds in one month. She also did extra things like taking the stairs. I might have to buy that dvd and try it...

    I am getting into the habit of parking far away from the store doors and walking that extra little bit. It makes up for my no exercising...oh that's a blog post in itself!

    Keep up the great work! I am excited to have your support and I am behind you every pound!