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Friday, October 8, 2010

I've entered a contest...

For those of you who have never visited Jen's blog, you should certainly do so. She is a success story with inspiration. I love that even though she has lost the weight and is extremely healthy, she continues to write about her struggles. Life's not perfect, but she shows how to get through it.

Yesterday, she blogged about wanting a future Prior Fat Girl to join her blog. You submit a letter, Jen narrows it down and then the readers will have the final decision.

Here's my letter:

I am writing to you today to submit my application to become the next future “Prior Fat Girl!” The reason I want to become a Prior Fat Girl is because I want a better quality of life for my future.
I am a 28-year old Iowa girl. I’ve been married for three years to my wonderful husband. I am a fourth-grade teacher, and I am currently getting my master’s degree in Administration with hopes of becoming an elementary principal someday.
I have been fighting a losing battle again a better quality of life for most of my life. I was an obese child through high school. When I went to college, I badly wanted to get a boyfriend, so I worked out non-stop and didn’t eat anything until I felt shaky. I dropped about 40 pounds in two months, but soon figured out this wasn’t the way to do it. I met my first boyfriend after losing the weight and stopped working out and ate whatever I wanted. I soon gained those 40 pounds back and added an additional 20 pounds. My then-fiance broke off our engagement because he wasn’t attracted to me anymore. This devastated me.
I went into a massive depression for about a month and lost 20 pounds because I wouldn’t eat. I snapped out of it and decided this was my sign for a better life. I began eating better and working out consistently. I felt good and started to look good. I lost 50 pounds when I met my current husband. I continued working out and eating right, but as time progressed farther, I pushed health to the back burner.
In the five years my husband and I have been together, I have lost and gained the same 25-30 pounds. I currently sit at about 240 pounds, where you started. I need a fresh rejuvenating start. I’ve created a blog, but am afraid to write about the times I fail. I need to have that accountability. I don’t have many commenters on my blog, so I sometimes feel that what I write doesn’t matter because not many people see it.
I’m ready to begin the fight for my life. I want MY life to be something it has never been…healthy. I don’t want to be obese anymore. I don’t want to avoid shopping because I might have to go in the plus section. I want to be proud of what I look like and not just who I am on the inside. I want to be active for my one-year old nephews. I want to be healthy so that my husband and I feel comfortable trying to conceive a child. I want to be a role model for health. I would love nothing more than to have your reader’s support.
Jen, you’ve been such a strong person. I have followed your blog for almost two years and I’m so impressed with your passion for life, your strength in beliefs, and your dedication to fitness and health. You are a role model for me and for me to become a part of your blog world would mean so much to me. I want the accountability. I want the feedback (I love my husband to death, but he’s too nice to be blatantly honest sometimes!). Your readers are passionate people who are real and don’t pretend to sugarcoat things. I respect that.
I have never been a success in losing the weight and keeping it off. I would love the challenge set forth by your readers and you to succeed. I’m tired of making excuses of being busy or too tired. I’m tired of choosing to eat out rather than to make something at home. I’m tired of choosing my computer over a walk, jog, exercise, DVD, etc. I have all of the tools. I have a treadmill, elliptical, hand weights from 5 pounds to 60 pounds (my husband uses those!!), DVDs ranging from Jillian Michaels to Billy Blanks, an elementary school six blocks away with a walking trail around it. I have a husband who is physically fit and I would love nothing more than to give him a wife who is the same. He deserves it. I deserve it.
If I am selected to be a “Future Prior Fat Girl,” I vow to share my successes, my failures, and everything in between. I don’t want to let you down, and more importantly, I don’t want to let myself down anymore. I don’t want to be the girl with just the pretty face…


Something inside me lit up after submitting this. I feel empowered. I appreciate those of you here who read my blog regularly and comment for me. I love that. I would love to have even more people comment and see my life as I'm trying to change it into the right health direction.

I will work out tonight. I will make good food choices. This will be the first time in almost a week that I've eaten dinner at home. I'm excited for that.

I'm still here, and I'm not about to give up. No epic fail....


  1. I should comment that Jen's blog is

  2. I hope she chooses you! But even if she doesn't, you CAN do this, girl.