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Thursday, September 30, 2010

5K Workout Week 3 Day 2 Done

Did you think I ran away? I didn't. Just been super busy lately.

Went out to the good old path at the elementary school tonight. Here's what I did:

Walk to school: 0.35 miles
1 lap walk: 0.4 miles
1.25 laps jog: 0.5 miles
0.75 lap walk: 0.3 miles
1.25 laps jog: 0.5 miles
0.75 laps walk: 0.3 miles
0.5 lap jog: 0.2 miles
1.5 lap walk: 0.6 miles (with hubby talking, so pace was slower)
Walk back home: 0.35 miles

Total Distance: 3.5 miles
Total Jogged: 1.2 miles
Approximate time: 60 minutes (sorry no timer pic...hubby had stopwatch and the kitchen timer was having issues)

Thoughts: Still love outside and I kind of like doing my own type of workout. Now, some might roll their eyes, but I've gotta find what works for me. My goal is still to be able to jog 3.1 miles by Sunday, November 14th. That'll be the end of the nine week program that I started.

I should be able to get a workout in tomorrow, may try and get something in Saturday morning after my massage but before we head to Iowa City to cheer on the Hawkeyes versus Penn State. We're tailgating and there will be food and there will be beer. My goal is to enjoy but not indulge and overeat. Sunday should be another day of workouts.

I know that I feel better know that I'm working out and I think I'd feel even better if I was stricter about my food consumption. It's like I have the munchies. Those add up. I've also noticed my digestive system is working better when I'm moving more.

So, until next time!

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  1. Glad you're still at it! Enjoy the game and enjoy feeling better! :)