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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

C25K Week 2 Day 2 Done...and a little strength training..

Hi all!

Well, I'm almost nearing the completion of Week 2 of C25K. I wish I could say it was getting easier. Jillian Michaels would have kicked my butt today. Why? Because I jumped 10 seconds short of completing my second run. Seriously? I couldn't go 10 more seconds?? Yes I could have. But I told myself I was too weak and I did it. Funny thing was that I was watching Biggest Loser while doing this.

Speaking of Biggest Loser, I cried tonight. Not because of some of the sad stories. Not because I was touched by the contestants. Why you ask? Because I weighed more than some of the people who wanted to be on there. I could be on the Biggest Loser. Nice. That does a lot for the self esteem. I watched the people do the 500-step and one-mile challenge. I wonder if I could do that... Do I need a challenge? I just might.

So, back to the workout. Completed the furthest distance yet, so that was a bonus. Added in some hand weights and arm exercises. Started off slow with 2-3 reps of 16. Also threw in two sets of 25 sit ups. Here's my treadmill pic:

And just because I sweat my bootay off, here's a sweat pic. Jen at Priorfatgirl likes to incorporate these. Notice the cheesy stands for "I'm smiling because I don't have to run again until Thursday!!"

One more thing, but I'll save the pic until Thursday. I created a tracking journal for food and exercise to keep me focused. I like the paper version instead of the online version. It's a constant reminder of what I'm working for...stay tuned for the pic.

Grad class tomorrow night, so probably no blog. Until next time...

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  1. I said the EXACT same thing about TBL last night. There are like 4 or 5 women on there who weigh WAY less than me (by like 30 pounds or more!) Maybe it was that way in past seasons and I just never noticed? Ugh.

    Stick to it girl. Awesome job on the distance and the tracking journal, and enjoy your day "off" (from running, anyway). :-)