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Monday, September 27, 2010

5K Workout Week 3 Workout 1 Done

So, today's post isn't titled C25K because I did my own thing today. I needed to get out and off the treadmill. Since it was absolutely gorgeous outside (sunny, 68 degrees, slight breeze), I decided to head back the good 'ole trail I ran on last year. I loved it. I don't think I've said that yet. Since I didn't want to mess with a timer too much, I did my own workout.

Today's workout:
Walk to elementary school where trail is: 0.35 miles
One lap walk: 0.4 miles
One lap jog: 0.4 miles
One lap walk: 0.4 miles
One lap jog: 0.4 miles
One lap walk: 0.4 miles
Half lap jog: 0.2 miles
Walk one block: 0.11 miles
Jog three longer blocks: 0.24 miles

Total distance: 2.90 miles

Here's the picture of my timers. Yes, it's stopwatch and kitchen timer. I used what I had!! The stopwatch is the total time I jogged and the kitchen timer is the total time out from when I left the house to when I returned.

Treadmill vs. Outside
Treadmill +: Consistent speed, Easy time
Treadmill -: Mental game with time and speed

Outside +: Fresh air, control own speed/distance
Outside-: Speed may not be as fast

Still like outside, but it's getting colder, so I'm going to have to figure out how these workouts are going to go.

I did it! I feel good.

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