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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

C25K Week 1 Day 2 Complete

Tired. That's how I can explain it.

I added two extra minutes of jogging but jogged only at 4.5 mph today. Went a little further and burned a couple more calories. That's probably a good thing considering it's about a day before my TOM and I want to ravish everything in sight.

Here's the pic:

Added some stretching exercises at the end mostly because I have an IT band issue from my right hip down to my right knee. Not pain, just tightness. I'm not going to let a tightness issue stop me from doing this.

Tomorrow is class, so probably won't be a blog post. Unless, I get bored in class!!! :)

I'm doing this. It's just going to be a long process. But like I've always said...I didn't get this way overnight. I'm sure as heck am not going to get normal overnight.


  1. You have my total support, except for the second to last word in this post. "Normal" is relative. Go for "healthy" instead, girl.


  2. I'm going to stick to my Sunday weigh-ins, Mrs. B :) Thanks for the encouragement...I appreciate it!!

  3. I think that's a very smart decision. One of MANY very smart decisions you're making lately.

    You got this.