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Thursday, September 23, 2010

C25K Week 2 Done....and it hasn't gotten any easier

After two weeks of these workouts, you'd think the runs/jogs would get easier, right? I think they're getting harder. I jumped the treadmill twice tonight because it hurt. My legs hurt bad tonight and I stretched a lot.

Here's the results:

It's just not getting any easier and I'm starting to get discouraged. Any advice?

As promised, here's my journal I created:

One problem is that I haven't recorded in it since Tuesday. So, that changes tomorrow.

Got our school pictures back today. I look disgusting. I have kept a picture every year to compare and this is the worse I've looked in five years. Here's the thing I don't understand. Before starting this, I ate what I wanted, didn't work out and maintained 240-244. Now, two weeks into it, as of this morning, i was 243. I'm watching what I eat and sticking within my calories and I'm adding workouts. I know a miracle isn't going to happen overnight, but shouldn't I see some change? I mean usually the first week you watch calories and work out, you can lose 5-10 pounds. Me? Nope. What's wrong with me??

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  1. Nothing is wrong with you. 5-10 pound loss after a week of trying was never how it worked for me, and for anyone who wasn't on The Biggest Loser as far as I know.

    I know that it's discouraging and frustrating. I've been there. But, maybe your journey right now is more than just losing pounds. Maybe your journey is also to teach yourself to look at the PROCESS differently. You might not be losing the weight as quickly as you hoped, but maybe you're becomming a person who DOESN'T GIVE UP. For once. And, maybe, by not giving up, you'll start to see those pounds come off.

    Remember those non-scale victories, girl. Sometimes I think they're more important than the pounds. They are what will keep you going and keep the pounds away.