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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11 of 2011

Calories: 1514 calories
Workout: Treadmill workout as follows...
0.25 mile @ 3.5 mph
0.25 mile @ 3.6 mph
0.25 mile @ 4.0 mph (slow jog)
0.25 mile @ 3.6 mph
0.25 mile @ 4.5 mph (fast jog)
0.25 mile @ 3.6-3.7 mph
0.25 mile @ 5.0 mph (run for 1/2), 4.5 mph (other 1/2)
0.16 mile @ 3.8 mph

30 minutes=1.91 miles

I had almost talked myself out of working out for tonight. I kept saying to myself, "You've worked out 10 days in a row. You're tired. It's okay to skip."

Then, Biggest Loser came on. There are some women on this show who weigh less than I do. I felt the motivation build. So, I told myself that I would just walk for 30 minutes. Yeah. Try just walking while you're watching them do their last chance workout! They pushed and I pushed. It's been a week since I was on the treadmill last and I felt so much stronger tonight than I did last week.

Tomorrow is my day off of working out because I have my first grad class of the semester. Challenge for tomorrow is getting something within my calorie range for dinner. I've been scoping out places to grab a bite to eat. As much as I love french fries, I'm putting a restriction on them right now. They're full of fat, sodium and calories that I don't need right now....even though they taste awesome.

Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels, right?

I'll report back tomorrow night on my day. I almost feel some anxiousness coming on about not working out tomorrow. I've been on such a good roll, I don't want tomorrow to mess it up. But then again, that's my choice. I will be back to working out on Thursday. That's a promise.

I feel so good about my weigh in coming up on Saturday. After that weenie 0.6 loss last week, I have high hopes. I can do this!

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  1. It's normal to have "rest" days. Just keep your eating in check, and you'll be fine!!