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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16 of 2011

Calories: 1,993 calories
Exercise: 41 min. Advanced Tae Bo (calories burned=525)

I used my new F6 Polar Heart Rate Monitor during my workout today. A couple of observations....I'm completely and utterly out of shape and here's why. The watch beeps if you are either below or above your target heart rate range. I believe the range is about 132-154. My highest was 184 and my average was 165. So, because I'm so overweight, my heart has to work harder to make it through the workout due to my lack of cardiovascular capabilities...or something to that effect. The beeping was not loud, but when my wrist was remotely close to my head, it drove me nuts. Otherwise, Billy Blanks was drowning it out. Interesting to actually see this is how many calories I burned. Anyone else have one of these or something similar? How did you use it to help you with your lifestyle changes, etc.

I was busy working on my resume' today as well as calling my references. My current principal is ecstatic and is excited to help me through the process. I may not even be given an interview, but I'm still excited for the process. We'll see how things go!

Oh and by the way....don't work out 11 days in a row, take 4 days off and then expect to just pick up where you left off. Your body will hate you.

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  1. Did you know you can turn off the beeps? The same thing happened with me. I was up over 200 HR, and my anaerobic threshold is 175 and now I'm down in the 160s. It will come down, I promise!!