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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13 of 2011

Calories: 1565 calories
Exercise: Rest day :(

So, yesterday was a happy face rest day and today is a sad face rest day. My husband is a non-traditional student who is currently student teaching. He's four days in, exhausted and has been frustrated with some of the things the teacher he's with is doing and saying. After our grocery store/other store shopping venture, we had this long pow wow about everything and he just needed me to sit and listen. It is now 9 PM and exercise is not going to happen tonight. My husband apologized up and down because he knows how seriously I'm taking my health right now. But he did need me to listen. We had tears and venting, but he feels better. We just both need the weekend here.

On an exciting note, I got a new toy!!!! When we were out running errands tonight, hubby let me get a Polar F6 heart rate monitor watch!!! I'm so excited to finally get an idea of the amount of calories I burn during a workout. I'm going to wear it all day next Wednesday when I don't workout just to see how much I burn on a normal day.

Tomorrow is Friday, which I'm very ready's been a long week. I'm also ready to get working out after a two day hiatus...I don't want this to be prolonged any more....

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  1. Sometimes you have more important things to do! Gte back on track tomorrow and don't beat yourself up about today.