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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 of 2011

Calories: Not sure...see below
Exercise: Rest Day :)

I have been a good girl's my meals:
Breakfast: Oatmeal and skim milk
Snack: String cheese
Lunch: Turkey/Cheese on Whole Wheat, Baby Carrots, Peaches
Snack: Trail Mix....I admit....I did take some of this so I don't know the calories
Dinner: Chef Salad and Diet Coke (salad had ham, turkey, tomatoes, cheese, and a chopped hard boiled egg. I was handed a large cup of ranch because that's all I can stand to eat on salad, and I barely used 1/4 of the cup of ranch)

Thoughts....I felt good about my food choices. So, for shits and giggles, I stepped on the scale tonight. When I do this at night, I figure I can subtract about 2 pounds and that'll be my weight tomorrow morning. My weight tonight? 248.0 pounds. WTF?!?!!! Are you freaking kidding me?

So, I went on a rampage throwing out "f" bombs everywhere. My husband can only come up with water retention due to the trail mix and Diet Coke. Seriously? I'm retaining water from that? If this weight holds true, I will have GAINED weight this week. GAINED! Un-freakin-believeable. I have worked my ass off last week and this week and I passed up a delicious ham and cheese soft pretzel sandwich tonight for a SALAD.

Trying not to panic....I've got two nights of workouts and two days of good eating (even though I've been good otherwise.....grrr) before I weigh in Saturday morning. My husband's trying to console me saying everyone loses at different rates, I'm on thyroid meds, blah, blah, blah. I'm tired of being the one who can't lose a frickin' pound.



  1. Are you tracking your daily weight? That helps me see rends and patterns in my weight. It's not the right choice for everyone, but it has really helped me keep my sanity during my weight loss journey.

  2. I have started to weigh myself every morning and every night....I haven't actually written it down, but maybe I should do that.