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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4 of 2011

Calories-1672 calories
Exercise-45 minutes fat blasting cardio tae bo

Thoughts: First day back to work was a success. I'm happy to report I had 2 mini snickers (bite size, not fun size) and that was the only thing outside of my planned meals. I found it harder to consume water at work than during break at home. I bring two one liter bottles of water and I went through half of each. I drank more at home, but my goal is to get through those two liters at school.

Tomorrow is my gastroenterologist appointment, so we'll see what the doc says there. I don't think it will be anything that changes my plans for anything. My regular MD wanted an updated blood test to check my thyroid levels, so I should know the results tomorrow.

Until then...

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