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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10 of 2011

Calories: 1641 calories
Exercise: 45 min. of "This is Tae Bo"

I made homemade pizza tonight and counted every calorie. I figured each piece rounded off to 250 a piece. I made a cookie sheet size pizza so hubs and I can have leftovers.

As for my goal of fruits and veggies, I had two fruits and two veggie short of my goal.

I'm going to be honest here...I'm already feeling a burn out. I've worked out 10 days in a row for a minimum 30 minutes. I have one more day and then I'll get Wednesday off because i have grad class from 6-9 PM. This is a choice I made. But my body is tired. I have done tae bo 10 days in a row. My legs are sore. My arms hurt. So, tomorrow, I'm simply going to walk on the treadmill during Biggest Loser.

I don't want to burn myself out. I just wanted to force myself into the habit. But my body is tired. Walking on the treadmill tomorrow will be good, even though it won't be the burn tae bo is.

One positive to the working out? I sleep so well!!!


  1. I know how you feel. I burned myself out after 8 days and just had to take a break - plus I am fighting a cold. I too want to form a good habit, without burning myself out.

  2. Wow, 10 days in a row? That's excessive! I mean, if you are totally KILLING every workout, I would be exhausted too! I usually only do 3-4 days in a row and then have an "off" day. As long as it's working for you, keep up the good work!

  3. Don't be afraid to take a day off! Your body needs time to recover. I know what it's like to not want to lose momentum, but your body will definitely thank you after a day off. (And I know I get antsy when I don't go to the gym for a day, so I'm ready to get back at it the next day)